About me

Building the Decentralized Society, because the future will not be centralized.

I am Markus, owner of Maiwald Ventures and an entrepreneur, incubator/startup builder, mentor and adviser, trader, innovator, and visionary with over 20 years experience in the IT field and FinTech sector.

Over time, I have developed skills around leading international distributed teams on projects that define a new path and re-shape the future with decentralization and peer-to-peer governance systems that foster the progress of humanity.

My experience includes strong competence in Leadership and Business Strategy. I have gained an insider level of understanding of a bigger picture and a vision across many industries, including a wider view of the depth and scale of current global issues to be solved.

Based on my experience, I can choose from a wealth of perspectives for the benefit of any disruptive breakthrough idea or project and startup.

I have developed multiple, natural qualifications, capabilities and strengths:

• Entrepreneurial mindset; • Excellent people skills – natural leadership; • Thrive in uncertainty and highly dynamic and unpredictable environments; • Ability to look at the world and see if a particular perspective is unique and distinct; • Sort through the clutter and find the best route; • Instinctively evaluate whether or not a particular action will help in moving toward goals; • Transform from uncertainty to security • Excellent problem-solving skills – getting things done right; • Experienced and comfortable working and managing businesses remotely; • Building FinTech Communities.

I am contributing actively to projects, that are aligned with the core values of the Decentralized Society.